Why am I, a 19 year old, running for city council? Simple, I am running because as the Community Lead for Innovation Collective I listen to dozens of new and astonishing ideas each week that could change our city, but a majority fizzle out because our current city council doesn't care enough. Imagine if you had a fabulous idea to improve CDA traffic that could be completely solved by a simple software solution. You reached out to our current city council but they blew it off and left that idea in the wind. That is exactly what happened to my good friend Ian Cosby after bringing up his idea of using a combination of traffic cameras and sensors to determine the level of traffic at any given intersection. I’m running because you have good ideas that can make our town better in EVERY single way, and I will make them a reality.

I may be young but I have and will do a lot in my life.

Hello everyone,

My name is Morgan Dixon and I want to be the youngest person to ever be on the CDA city council. When I was 16 I raised $27,000 for my first start-up called Outloud. After helping hundreds of students in the Inland Northwest and across the globe, I set my sights on something extremely pertinent to today's society; supplying low income families tech they need. In 2019 I partnered with Gonzaga University to make my first 501c3 non-profit called Imagination Initiative Inc. Now, 2 years later III has supplied over $50,000 of technology to local families and works closely with Safe Passage and St. Vincent De Paul's. 

In my current stage of life I work for the Innovation Collective as the Community Lead helping blooming entrepreneurs find resources they need to get their business started. Whether it's helping build investor-business relationships, finding new employees, or teaching someone what an LLC stands for you will find me running around the IC making sure everyone succeeds to their max potential! As a major fanatic for crypto currency and centralization I also started the Inland Northwest's largest group of crypto enthusiasts and meet with them twice a month to discuss the next big investment!

Come see me at the Innovation Den :)
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Coeur d’Alene High graduate, 18, starts nonprofit to provide technology to low-income students

CdA teen’s app converts text to audio

Coeur d'Alene high school senior starts non-profit to bring tech devices to schools

Thank You to My Team!

Tim Fink (Treasurer)

Big thank you to Tim who is my Treasure and works as an outsourced CFO for local and National companies. If you are looking for accounting, or financial analysis and strategy please reach out to him at 

Ian Cosby (Leadership Training)

Ian has been training myself as well as Grayson each week on skills related to leadership. With a background in running Military companies in Korea he has been helping us understand what it takes to be a strong leader. If you are in need of being ahead of the game and making sure you team is being looked out for please reach out to him at

Tom Weadick (Strategy Training)

I originally met Tom at a Coffee and Concepts where he mentioned he was wanting to help me with my campaign. Tom has helped me understand which groups of individuals I should reach out to and get connected with to take a win this year. Tom is a certified life, business, and political coach. If you are looking for his services please reach out to him at